ASPECTICS: Gnosis of the Fourth Dimension



Aspectics, Gnosis of the Fourth Dimension by Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski,  translated into English in 2004. This Spiritual Technology emphasizes one of the basic axioms of Perennial philosophy: the being can have experiences in socio-physical reality and experiences in its consciousness. The last component of Aspectics brings the possibility of living out experiences in the consciousness. In the process of Aspectics, man as a psychonaut, goes through a series of realised goals in his consciousness and in this way enables a speeded up evolution of the Aspect he is working with. This creative breakthrough enables the Being uninterupted self-improvement because the integration of components into a new synthesis brings about change in the components themselves. Spiritual states are grounded towards active levels of existence as a higher-level
synthesis is achieved.

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Thanks for that, really helpful about them. I will do a bit of additional googleing for Spiritual technology » ASPECTICS: Gnosis of the Fourth Dimension


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